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The Money-Spinners

The Money-Spinners : The New Asian Age…

: author Marcus Sam

So Ladies & Men; gentle or otherwise,  here’s the big news: If you are a business person (trying to avoid gender biases here) or a big shopkeeper so as to say, who is planning to go global, you should definitely look towards the Asian market if you want a trade expansion (and by Asian, my dear American friends I don’t mean the Chinese only, as the slang goes . Asia is a continent, if some of you still do not know.)..

Here is why,lets regurgitate some elementary school maths shall we :

See, the ratio of Asian population to rest of the world is high, so If  10 ‘rest of the world’  people travel and pay 10 bucks each for a hotel room, the total for 1 day is 100 bucks….But if 100 Asians travel and spend 5 bucks each (bulk booking), it accounts to 500 bucks… So at the end of the day, total profit is 5 times, if u can lure the Asian crowd into anything…Why just tourism, in any industry, any sector, if u can rope in the Asians, u’r sure to make more profits…

So beware of the Asian Age (ahem, even I am an Asian btw…;))…Asians actually control the real market… ;)..Its not that almost everything is made in Asia (China+rest), its that even almost everything is also ‘consumed’ in Asia…