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Christmas Cathedral Hopping – Part I

So its Christmas time and lets get into the holiday mood with some of the world’s most beautiful cathedrals.

Lets start with the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence, Italy

DSC_0116Next is the Cathedral of St Michael & St Gudula, Brussels ,Belgium

marcussam_brussels.Next is the good old Notre Dame Cathedral from my favourite city, Paris

marcussam_notredamelightn.Next in line is the Church of St Leodegar, Lucerne, Switzerland

marcussam_swiss.Next in line is the good old Cologne Cathedral, Germany

marcussam_germany.The Pisa Cathedral, Italy

marcus sam.the St Paul’s Cathdedral, Kolkata, India


End of Part 1

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Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day..!! =))


Untitled-1 - Copy

Hello Captain ..!

‘Hello Captain’ is a project I have been working on for sometime..It is supposed to be in 3 or more parts.

I have just barged into the cockpit or bridge of aeroplanes , boats ,ships etc and introduced myself and clicked the pictures of the captain in charge of the ‘ship’…I have tried to cover all the 3 modes; Air, Water and Land.All of them were beautiful  people who were all incharge of our lives during the trip(s)..’Heroes in uniforms’… 



marcussam_capt (1)

2)marcussam_capt (2)


marcussam_capt (3)


marcussam_capt (6)


marcussam_capt (5)


marcussam_capt (4)




Note to the lovely people in the pictures  — Hello Captain, this is your photographer speaking haha, don’t forget to claim the High Resolution Images by mailing me on or poking me on my page – or facebook profile – . [If I have not already given u my card offcourse.. =) ]

Disclaimer – Well its a shame that I might have confused a few of their names in a few places.Well the bright side is if they want to stay anonymous, then its great haha.



Negative Quotes

I guess we all know life is not all about fruits and blossoms, even fruits rot and blossoms wither sometimes even without blooming…When Aesop  said ‘Spare the stick and spoil the child,’ obviously by stick he meant the the bad things which leads to character reform, bad thing might be the cane used to hit the out of control child  (Though its totally out of context but u might wanna check out what  Russell Peters has to say about hitting your children: Here ) ..Yes so we learn from bad experiences and mistakes , sometimes our own, sometimes of others, but it is mostly the bad thing that leaves a more prominent mark…Take it like a tree…U have planted a tree, watered it for ages, applied fertilizers and everything else, but one day u take  an axe and make a mark on the bark of the tree, the scar mark is going to remain for ever…

So I came up with the idea of Negative quotes…Things that are true and often very negative and pessimistic, but I think they are a learning lesson for everyone…Important things to be kept in mind…Like its not gonna be okay, unless u make it okay yourself, kindsa stuff…

So here’s my venture…Exclusively my images and my concept and often even my own quotes….Here’s the first one…



Calendar 2013 & New Year Greetings..!


Here is a complimentary calendar from our side…!

Please check on our Facebook page for Large Sized images fit for Wallpaper, screensaver,cover picture etc..::  Click Here 



marcussam_New Year2013



The Calendar




marcussam_Cal (10).



marcussam_Cal (5).


marcussam_Cal (8).


marcussam_Cal (9).


marcussam_Cal (4).


marcussam_Cal (2).


marcussam_Cal (6).

Augmarcussam_Cal (11).


marcussam_Cal (7).


marcussam_Cal (12)



marcussam_Cal (1).


marcussam_Cal (3)




I am really thankful for all the love you have shown me this year…Also this blog is almost a year old now…


Kind Regards,

Marcus Sam =))

Marcus Sam for To-Mera’s Exile

So for quite some time it was in ‘coming up’ mode, but now finally its here, the awesome album named Exile is out and in stores…And guess what, the images they have used for the album cover, DVD cover and inside background images have all been clicked by me…!!

Here are some of my images that have been used 


marcussam_To-Mera (3)

marcussam_To-Mera (1)

marcussam_To-Mera (2)

marcussam_To-Mera (6)


And finally the Bonus Factor , The ‘ I ‘ in ‘Exile’ of the T-Shirt/Hoodie etc…!


marcussam_To-Mera (4)




Check To-Mera’s Website : To-Mera Website (Dont forget to buy the amazing music and the goodies…!)

Check Marcus Sam’s Website : Marcus Sam dot Com (Hey thats this one…!)



Cheers and have a good day….=)






Portfolio of a caterpillar (Part – I)

Part 1

He has been posing for quite some of my shots..He is a young dashing model and doesn’t shiver under the cold wind or the harsh light..He is still, most of the times and always co-operates even if pushed beyond his usual model release contract…He is Steve, the caterpillar…

He was young and thin a few days back, then he bulked up..Must have been feeding on some high citrus diet lately…His biological name is Papilio demoleus . He is a lemon butterfly caterpillar…







Concept & Photographer : Marcus Sam

Model : Steve the caterpillar