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For the Love of Cheese

For the Love of Cheese : Do u know the word cheese comes from the Latin word Caseus.Cheese making started around 8000yrs back.Cheese was first made by fermenting milk in the stomach of dead lifestock..Shockingly enough it is still the way of the day in many countries like  Mongolia,North China etc (take that WHO..).. The Hard form of cheese was first made by the Roman soldiers who needed a way to keep milk ‘eatable’ during wars and long periods of battlefield starvation..There are almost 400+ types of cheese..Soft to hard cheese comes from the percentage of moisture in the cheese along with the way by which they were fermented..The costliest cheese is assumed to be Moose cheese, which costs over 1000US$ per kg..The reason behind the price is the unavailability of Moose Milk year round…

Did u know Tyrotoxism is the word which means to be poisoned by Cheese….While the fear of cheese is called Turophobia..






Cheese is linked to many festivals around the world.The most ‘famous’ being the Cheese Rolling Festival held every May in Cooper’s Hill, Gloucestershire UK. The festival involves tossing a cheese cake down the extremely steep hill, after which hundreds of people begin running down the hill in order to catch the cheese..This ceremony originally took place each Whit Monday before later transferred to the Spring Bank Holiday. Two possible origins have been proposed for the ceremony. The first is said that it evolved from a requirement for maintaining grazing rights on the common. The second proposal is pagan origins for the custom of rolling objects down the hill. It is thought that bundles of burning brushwood were rolled down the hill to represent the birth of the New Year after winter.Since the fifteenth century the cheese has been rolled down the hill, and women, men, girls and boys compete for it in various races.



Photo/Research : Marcus Sam


Rasgulla/Roshogolla/Rosogolla : Rasgulla

A yummy sweet in short..Here’s an excellent way to make it :  Video