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66 Trams: Part I

Going around the world in trams. This is an ongoing project. Presenting the part one.

(Covering : Austria,Switzerland,Hungary,Czech Republic, Netherlands,Belgium, Slovakia)

MarcusSam_trams (1)

MarcusSam_trams (2)


Following her..


Yellow trams, Budapest , Hungary


Overlooking the old Charles Bridge


Tram in Austria


Trams in old town Prague


The Divide


in Bratislava Slovakia


Returning home




in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Brussels, Belgium


Electric Tram, Prague

MarcusSam_trams (3)

Window to window.


Lucerne, Switzerland

King of Jaywalking

Yep, since no one has claimed this title yet, I shall proclaim myself the King of Jaywalking..

As the fact of the matter is, I like to take pictures while crossing roads, jaywalking or not.It often provides you with angles that are unique and unexplored.The word crossing might as well be replaced sometimes by the words ‘running across’ instead, haha…Oh yes its illegal in most 1st world countries,till u are caught of course , by either the police or by the Grim Reaper. But since I am from India,its a no biggie.. stuff happens in India willy-nilly which if happens in any other country, the whole country would shut down…

Do u like to take images while crossing the street? I had this awesome comment from a friend by the name Sue Summons in my Facebook page :: ‘Not ready for that yet. Want to live a bit longer lol’..

So here are some images I have taken around the world that are from the middle of the road..



marcussam_streets (2)

marcussam_streets (4)

marcussam_streets (11).


marcussam_streets (3)

marcussam_streets (10).


marcussam_streets (12)

marcussam_streets (13).


marcussam_streets (7)

marcussam_streets (5)

marcussam_streets (9).



marcussam_streets (1)



marcussam_streets (14)

marcussam_streets (6).




Falling in love

Fall in love they said, it’d be fun they said..Most people keep wondering why is it always ‘Fall’ in love, and never ‘Rise’ in love, till they actually fall and then they realize why or maybe ask themselves why (?)…..But the biggest lottery people play is marriage..

In India (where this picture is not taken), there is a saying ‘Shaadi Ka Laddoo, khao to pachtao,nahi khao to pachtao’ in Hindi language, which ,means ‘Marriage is like a sweet delicacy, u will repent whether u eat eat or not’…Not ironical as its coming from a country which boasts the 2nd largest population in the world resulting almost 99.99999999999999999%  (notice the non-approximation) from  marriages and marriages only…Extra marital children are almost shunned down upon more than stray dogs pooping on the streets and cows sitting & eating up the 1 lane national highways like they own the road…But it shows the sheer Indian experience with marriages, though the striking 80%  marriage success rate is falling faster than Greek Economy, leading to the rise of single mothers & single fathers, the question remains unanswered – why do people fall in love; and if they fall, why the breakups..? And if marriages are made in Heaven, then why isnt heaven perfect in what it makes..?

Lets leave the biology behind…Do u have an answer ?


(the Picture is set in Amsterdam,Holland at around 8.30pm in the evening)

Holland Port Buildings

If u’r in Amsterdam/Rotterdam etc u’d find buildings are tilted to the front and with hooks on the front of the buildings…Its because the staircases & hallways are so congested that u cant bring out old furniture or anything as such..Since they were sailor towns with ‘shipments’ coming in everytime, things would be infact hoisted outside the house and lowered by means of a rope…Good thinkin aint it…

Beautiful Amsterdam Skies

Beautiful Amsterdam  Skies : Oh yeah u thought all Amsterdam got was nightlife eh ?