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Portfolio of a caterpillar (Part – I)

Part 1

He has been posing for quite some of my shots..He is a young dashing model and doesn’t shiver under the cold wind or the harsh light..He is still, most of the times and always co-operates even if pushed beyond his usual model release contract…He is Steve, the caterpillar…

He was young and thin a few days back, then he bulked up..Must have been feeding on some high citrus diet lately…His biological name is Papilio demoleus . He is a lemon butterfly caterpillar…







Concept & Photographer : Marcus Sam

Model : Steve the caterpillar

Broken Wings

Broken Wings: Neptis hylas

Fearful Damsel

An apprehensive  damselfly ..

Yummy Nectar

Yummy Nectar..A bug ( Macroglossum stellatarum) inspecting a flower for possible luncheon options.. :

Here is another shot of the same insect, at a higher shutter speed…Many people like the wings to be blurred to make it appear like the objects are in motion, while many people like a full clearcut shot… So here are 2 shots for both the mindsets…


Angry Bug

Angry Bug : Nicrophorus sayi


Damselfly: Damselfly : Damselfly



Lemon Butterfly

Lemon Butterfly : Papilio demoleus

Mating Season..

Pieris rapae, Cabbage White Butterflys mating..

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day….yeah…lol ;)

Oh Hai..!