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With Love From Italy

With Love From Italy series will feature recently updated images from the heart of Italy.


Starting with where else but the City of Love:  Venice



Next two images would definitely be from the Vatican City: St Peter’s Basilica 



Image from one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Florence 


Now lets look into a bit of the landscapes from Toscana (Tuscany):  Just before dusk hit a sunlit villa in the outskirts of Florence, there was a small fire in the woods down below, creating a foggy effect.The fire was quickly controlled, but the momentous time it stayed, I was quick enough to capture a few shots.



Next is the Florence Duomo,Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, a magnificent structure whose construction started  in the 1200AD and now stands over 150mt long and 110mt high, one of the most definitive structures in Florence at present .




But Italy and no Rome, how can that be, so here is an image of the traffic whizzing past the Colosseum.



Now let us have  two images from the interior of the St.Peter’s Basilica Vatican

marcussam_int (3)

DSC_0555 copy

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Next is the The Piazza dei Miracoli (Italian: Square of Miracles), Pisa

marcussam_pisa (2)


Next lets have a shot from the Milan Centre Square


To Be Update Frequently / On an almost daily basis

Image Copyright Marcus Sam

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