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The Super Moon

The SuperMoon 2013.

The Super Moon has nothing to do with the Super as in Super Man or any other creature, it is simply the time in the year when the moon is closest in orbit to the earth.But the unfortunate part of the supermoon is the prediction that there are always some natural disasters linked with it…If you look at the world history or the recent news, you’ll just see how there were numerous floods and cloud bursts in the last few weeks around the world…

In other news my dear wordpress friends, I am a little overbooked these days..I am infact not finding time to even take photographs..But that is to change very soon and we’ll be back in family communication again, the wordpress family.. Meanwhile I am really thankful to my wordpress friends who have connected with me on my Facebook Page  or my Facebook  Profile … Cheers guys.!!




The birds in the image are parrots.


Author : Marcus Sam/Supermoon June 2013


Also note that the following Moon Shot by Marcus Sam  is currently the highest rated/most popular image on National Geographic  at the moment. 




Happy Sunday Morning

Some shots are purely accidental..This shot being taken from my car’s windscreen (moving at around 40kmph),the steering wheel in the left hand and the camera in the right..


Been long Planning for a New Logo..I didnt want something B&W because since I photograph mostly Nature and I am not Ansel Adams

I am very moody and unstable..not a trait of someone successful, and luckily i am not, hence i dont need to fall within the ‘stable catagory’…as much as i love to fluctuate , i might & will for sure be changing it in the very near future….


‘ SB ‘

S – Represents my first name (initial)

B – Represents my last name (family name)

So here it is…



so afterwards, a picture will probably look like this

Yummy Nectar

Yummy Nectar..A bug ( Macroglossum stellatarum) inspecting a flower for possible luncheon options.. :

Here is another shot of the same insect, at a higher shutter speed…Many people like the wings to be blurred to make it appear like the objects are in motion, while many people like a full clearcut shot… So here are 2 shots for both the mindsets…



Marcus Sam Portfolio Update…

Initially when I updated my portfolio, I didnt update my blog alongwith,which i have realized is & was a big mistake..So here it is… Freedom if that might be the name for it…

Six Colored Sky

Six Colored Sky: Multicolored sky…

Red Skies

Red Skies : Red sky at night, sailor’s delight Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. (Weather lore)

Air Traffic

Air Traffic..Pigeons..

Want to Fly



Have you ever wanted to fly…With the birds and bats in the sky… ?

Another of my favourite images..It was also for a contest organised by BBC Wildlife…The winner should be declared in February/March…





Gonna Hit the Moon

Gonna Hit the Moon


Dreamy Evening

Dreamy Evening


Dreamy Evening…


Evening Recess

Evening Recess

Good Morning


Beautiful Morning

Beautiful Morning