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Colorless I

I am never a big fan of black & white images or images from Instagram or similar softwares , as I feel since we have the technology to produce high resolution color images, why not use it like that…But then yes some images do look much classier in monochrome or b&w and sephia , specially surrealistic images and portraits but then again we tend to forget that some images look great in black &white and not black & white makes any image look great…

Generally as I click mostly nature, there is not much space for a black and white rose anyway..hahha but here are a few images that I felt deserved a black and white touch…


marcussam_monochromeset (1)

.marcussam_monochromeset (2)

.marcussam_monochromeset (3)

.marcussam_monochromeset (4)

.marcussam_monochromeset (5).



Images : Marcus Sam