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Hello Captain ..!

‘Hello Captain’ is a project I have been working on for sometime..It is supposed to be in 3 or more parts.

I have just barged into the cockpit or bridge of aeroplanes , boats ,ships etc and introduced myself and clicked the pictures of the captain in charge of the ‘ship’…I have tried to cover all the 3 modes; Air, Water and Land.All of them were beautiful  people who were all incharge of our lives during the trip(s)..’Heroes in uniforms’… 



marcussam_capt (1)

2)marcussam_capt (2)


marcussam_capt (3)


marcussam_capt (6)


marcussam_capt (5)


marcussam_capt (4)




Note to the lovely people in the pictures  — Hello Captain, this is your photographer speaking haha, don’t forget to claim the High Resolution Images by mailing me on or poking me on my page – or facebook profile – . [If I have not already given u my card offcourse.. =) ]

Disclaimer – Well its a shame that I might have confused a few of their names in a few places.Well the bright side is if they want to stay anonymous, then its great haha.