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Freedom and Spirit

As friends who follow my work would know I love including birds specially pigeons and crows in my images, because they add a living element in even a dull lifeless image like maybe the plain sky or just a piece of architecture. Also they dont require any release forms haha.

 I have been taking images with birds in the sky representing Spirit and Freedom for quite sometime now.They have time and again been featured and published on National Geographic and its peers. They have also been stolen and copied quite often =) . It takes 40-50 shots with a heavy handheld camera (sorry I don’t believe in non human tripods :p), to get what we call ‘the shot’ and even sometimes after a wait of a few long hours in blinding sun or blasphemous rains, the supermodel birds just don’t show up..

Here they are a mixture of both one shot images and dream shot comprising of 3-4 mixed shots.I shall put forward a few of my featured images, hope you enjoy them..!

I have classified them into 4 parts..

The Sun and the Bird


portfolio_sam (13)

portfolio_sam (4)


dedf (3)

DSC_0294 copy


The Moon and the Bird

portfolio_sam (12)






DSC_0494 copy



Architecture and the Bird




marcussam_birds (1)

marcussam_birds (2)

vnsi sunset co


The Sky and the Bird

portfolio_sam (11)


portfolio_sam (1)




The expressions Freedom, Spirit, Holy Ghost,Peace etc have not been given by me.They have been given by different people who have liked them over the years..Do let me know what you think.The Gallery will keep on growing with time…


Exclusive Concept and Image Copyright : Marcus Sam

2 responses

  1. Fantastic photographs..thanks for sharing

    October 30, 2013 at 4:53 am

    • Sam

      Thankyou so very much sir..! Happy Diwali..=)

      November 2, 2013 at 7:05 am

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