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Shubho Bijoya !!!

Shubho Bijoya Dashami..! 

The term Bijoya , literally means Victory and Shubho Bijoya means “The Auspicious Victory”. Shubo Bijoya is celebrated from the last day of Durga Puja. Goddess ‘Durga’ is the nemesis of ‘Mahishasura’ or the Devil..It is believed to be a symbol of victory of good over evil.Also it is one of the earliest doctrines of women empowerment in the form of depiction of Goddess being the sole ‘Lara Croft’ figurine with powers more outreaching than any simple Hindu God..It is believed that 33 crore Gods & Goddesses of Hindu Mythology had conjured to create Goddess Durga who had been bequeathed with unmatched power in every form, from every God so that that one figurine could win over the Evil Guy Mahishasura..The celebration as a festivity had started as early as 16th century AD. and now celebrated by Hindu Indians specially Bengalis worldwide.It involves Idols of almost all major Gods hence its also one of the most important Hindu festival in India.. So today marks the end of the Durga Puja festival.