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Marcus Sam for To-Mera’s Exile

So for quite some time it was in ‘coming up’ mode, but now finally its here, the awesome album named Exile is out and in stores…And guess what, the images they have used for the album cover, DVD cover and inside background images have all been clicked by me…!!

Here are some of my images that have been used 


marcussam_To-Mera (3)

marcussam_To-Mera (1)

marcussam_To-Mera (2)

marcussam_To-Mera (6)


And finally the Bonus Factor , The ‘ I ‘ in ‘Exile’ of the T-Shirt/Hoodie etc…!


marcussam_To-Mera (4)




Check To-Mera’s Website : To-Mera Website (Dont forget to buy the amazing music and the goodies…!)

Check Marcus Sam’s Website : Marcus Sam dot Com (Hey thats this one…!)



Cheers and have a good day….=)






Happy Sunday Morning

Some shots are purely accidental..This shot being taken from my car’s windscreen (moving at around 40kmph),the steering wheel in the left hand and the camera in the right..




Marcus Sam Portfolio Update…

Initially when I updated my portfolio, I didnt update my blog alongwith,which i have realized is & was a big mistake..So here it is… Freedom if that might be the name for it…

Little Birdy

Little Birdy: Hummingbird

Kaw Kaw


Bee Eater


Another bee eater….

A Wet Crow



Poor Crow trying to dry itself off…Its taken through a window glass..What a shame never had a similar wet crow in sight when there was no window glass between the crow and my lens…

Evening Crow

It Was This Big


Birds discussing about my blog….lol


Check  a more colorful version of the same bird : Here