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Charge He Said

Charge He Said


The Eiffel Tower (Another View)

The Eiffel Tower just doesnt seem to end…100s of class pictures…and still its just the Eiffel Tower again & again….Nothing speaks of impressionistic romance ,more than Paris and nothing speaks Paris more than the Eiffel Tower…

Paris from Eiffel Tower

Paris from Eiffel Tower Level 2…Around 7.00pm…. Paris just never seems to end..For a first timer it all seems the same from the top because of the yellow buildings and the absence of demarcating sky scrapers, but when u keep viewing, u slowly notice differences…Everywhere, in everything, thats the beauty of it..Paris just never seems to end…The city of love, the city of art..

If u wanna view the detailed fullscreen version of the picture then click on the image and then click on Options and fyllscree..Its the facebook version…(Also dont forget to click ‘Like’ on the page, if u’r on facebook)..=)

The Eiffel Tower

I always wanted to take a picture of the Eiffel from a higher angle so that the reflection falls on the wet floor in front, specially at around 6.30 am when the sky is beautiful also the crowd is absent, but i didnt get permission from the buildings in front to access their roof on a short notice at that time of the morning (unless i barged into some private apartment – ‘Hola signior..! Como estas? ! Can i use your bathroom ?’ =p )…
So i had to get a Hop on Hop off bus to get a higher angle picture..Not what i expected, but it accidentally turned out quite well..=)


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