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Google-Motorola-Lenovo love triangle going Nexus


So if you follow the technology and business news , you will be bombarded by the news of Google selling off Motorola to Lenovo for around 3 billion US$, while it had acquired Motorola for around 12 billion , almost two years back. Google had earlier sold a part of the operations to Arris Group Inc. last year for about 2 billions . Google claims to have retained most of the android patents and hence it is believed to be all happy happy.. But still speaking in strict ‘Marwari’ (Americans read: Jew) terms – You still have around 7 billion loss to fill up .

Why all the big talk ?

It is believed that maintaining Motorola was getting costlier for Google in the long run and also Lenovo after acquiring Motorola shall become the third largest player in the market , also Motorola is an old is gold kindsa brand, still why such distress pricing for such a high profit prospective brand deal?

Reading Between the Lines

We have seen how recently Google had been going all advertisement friendly after its recent campaigns on TV and on air : (Read Here) so a seemingly loss is actually a big strategy in the making. Look at the recent acquiring of Electronics companies by Google (here) . From that we can come up to three salient observations

  •  Google wanted to get rid of a cancerous project and concentrate more on the Android app making, blah blah etc.
  •  Google is a huge company and doesn’t care for a 7 Bn US$ loss,
  •  Google wants to laugh out loud (lol) and introduce a stronger stiffer competitor for Apple  & Samsung, just for the fun of it, you know.You know if its hit, its profit would anyways soar from the copyrights etc and if its a loss,then its all in good time and good humor.

However there is a forth facet to it. 

  •  Google wants to go all solo on the Nexus projects .(As u might know Nexus have always been like the son conceived with the help of Samsung, LG etc, different fathers, u know lol). So Google might be looking forward to be solo making the next Nexus.

The meaning of the word Nexus is ‘connection of a series of dots leading to one thing or the other’. Dont you see a Google Nexus here??




Research & Scope : Marcus Sam

NB : The analysis presented here are solely Marcus Sam’s own.He would love to have comments and insights on what you think on this. Notable insights and comments will be inculcated with name and reference into this post.


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