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Calendar 2014 – Limited Edition (for Sale)

After getting many requests for prints this year (2013, which we were not providing) we have decided to come up with Limited Edition printing for the 2014 Marcus Sam Calendar.

We are keeping a break even cost of approx 19.99US$ / 14.60Euros inclusive of transportation around the world. (Please note: prices might be lesser depending on where it is being sent to).

Specifications : 
*8.5inches cross 11inches
*Wall Mount
*300 GSM Paper
*Places included : Luzern,Naples,Milan,Brussels,Varanasi,Pisa,Florence,Rome,Vatican,
Paris & Venice.
*Special ‘Early Bird’ offer
*No Watermarks
*Delivery time 3-20 days depending on where in the world.

Apart from that, COMING SOON – the free Marcus Sam Calendar for Desktops/Facebook etc, for free A4 printing.

please respond on ‘ ‘ for details.

Untitled copy copy


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