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Of History, Gods and Politicians

The Karla Caves- Maharashtra

The Karla Caves near Mumbai-India are a complex of ancient Buddhist rock-cut cave shrines dating back to around 160BC (around 100yrs younger than the Petra -Jordan )
The main hall has 37 octagonal pillars and the main stupa (the object of worship) in the front with a wooden umbrella/chatri on the top of it..The wood is believed to be as old the structure itself.The structure is a bit off the avg tourist circuit.The compound shares its ground with a Hindu temple (dedicated to Goddess ‘Ekvira’), believed to be even older than the caves themselves.

These caves enjoy a lower tourist head count compared to its peers, the Ajanta Ellora and the likes because of 2 reasons

a) It is out of the common Buddhist tourist circuit comprising of Bodh-Gaya,Varanasi (Sarnarth) and Nalanda. etc.

b) The ‘charm’ of something so old, is hugely overshadowed by the presence of the Ekvira Temple just somewhat attached to the caves.The people visiting are more interested in the temple than the caves as a separate entity.

marcussam_karla (4)

.marcussam_karla (13)


marcussam_karla (14)



marcussam_karla (5)


The Ekvira Devi Temple is believed to have been constructed by the Pandavas of ancient Indian mythology. (If u know – Hare Rama Hare Krishna sect, try to understand it this way that Lord Krishna was the God who endowed wisdom upon the Pandavas, so the thing dates back to 1000s of yrs ) and so does the Ekvira Temple.

marcussam_karla (6).

marcussam_karla (7).

The Main Caves


marcussam_karla (3).



marcussam_karla (8).


marcussam_karla (2).

marcussam_karla (9).

marcussam_karla (11)



The wooden frames as well as the teak umbrella on the top of the Stupa is believed to be as old as the caves themselves..


marcussam_karla (12)













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