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Merry Chistmas (IMPORTANT UPDATE)…!



Merry Christmas and Very Happy Holidays..!


I am sorry i have not been able to update the Blog and the Page for quite sometime due to some unforeseen problems (My main laptop Hard Drive – from my just 1 month old laptop, has burnt and i am not in access of another laptop/computer having internet facility and also my temporary storage hard drives are not currently with me) .And since this is holiday season, the replacement and repair options are also not easy, so i am not sure when i will be able to get back..Lets see, i hope soon enough..

ANY CASE, WE SURVIVED THE APOCALYPSE AND ITS JUST A WEEK Till 2013 SO HAVE FUN…!! PLAY SAFE..! PARTY HARD AND ENJOY…!!! (And yes dont forget to gain a few pounds, i want to see a fatter profile picture for everyone in 2013…=p)


Sam =))


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