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Inspirational Monday

I have been long planning on starting the Inspirational Series even here on my WordPress Blog.Basically I have been doing this in Facebook from the very inception of my  Facebook page and most of my beginning images here are going to be the ones I’ve used in Facebook already, till a time comes when I have newer images and can/will update the Inspirational Series simultaneously in both places..

The basic concept is ‘My Images & Others’ Quotes’ ie Quotes by famous people or small stories with morals and fables, written over my images…The whole concept is mine…Hope u’ll like it…=)

(Often and always u’ll find I have ‘cheaply watermarked’ my images, which is a complete No No for photographers based in Europe & sometimes the US ,also catering to the rather ‘sour taste’ to the general viewing crowd..I would like to put this off my chest, even I hate watermarking beautiful images and infact in the ‘film’ days u couldn’t watermark the images..Even if u check my images before 2008, I used to have just a small signature at the bottom…But slowly I realized that images get around and now even kids 8yrs old are using the internet…Not everyone knows that its a punishable offence to crop/tamper out the watermark and use it commercially without the photographers’ consent…The world is a big place, everyone has a good camera, everyone is travelling places,many people associated with photographic institutions are getting paid for the stuff they do; good or bad, and everyone is doing the same 21st century isnt  really creating an easy market for the new Ansel Adams’ of our times… ;) )


So here are the first 5 images..






The Last Image has also been one of my Top Images in the Facebook album…

Author Marcus Sam


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