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Introducing Zomset

Actually he’s already debuted on the World Music Day this year but I thought he needed a more formal introduction..

So here’s Zomset ie Zombie+Cassette = Zomset…

He’s dead, he’s lonely and he wants his owners to love him again…But he’s cute, adorable and isn’t looking for brains…He’s looking for ears 

The Zomset Concept is similar to the popular photographic meme Danbo except, Danbo was never living..Zomset was a full functioning  Cassette once that u played and played and played again and again till your ears


concept copyright Marcus Sam



His concept, make and everything else is copyrighted exclusively to me (Marcus Sam)… More images from Zomset’s day t day life will follow in time..

I hope u have already seen this image of Zomset on World Music Day..


Here’s Zomset offering you a flower….


Concept copyright Marcus Sam


One response

  1. rajat.shubhro.mukherjee

    I kinda like this fellow.   Rajat

    Rajat Shubhro Mukherjee LL.B (Hon) University of Lucknow M.A. Development Studies TATA Institute of Social Sciences 09819575906 09833143691

    Sent from Samsung tabletMarcus S

    September 30, 2012 at 12:19 pm

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