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Swiss Sunrise (pun intended)

Swiss Sunrise (pun intended)

Got up at 3.30am in the morning, paid extra cash to a private boatman the previous night, so that he takes me to a few ‘vantage points’ from where the sunrise looks magnificent… It takes around 30 mins to reach  the middle of the lake from where we can get a superb picture of the sun peeking from between the ice capped mountains..And let me please not mention the cold, not ‘swiss bitter’ but cold none the less…So we started the waiting games, but look uncle Helios (Sun God) is so camera shy…and so no sun, instead it started raining….Yippie…! But clicked some niceish pics , duller than Swiss standards, as Swiss generally implies excruciatingly beautiful, but what can u so if the weather is not supportive…no matter what u do and how much Photoshop u use, u cant make grasslands with dull gray skies look like the same setting with blue skies…But it was good in another way….Another trip planned…..And will keep planning till i get the weather i want….


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