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Friday the 13th:Origins

Friday the 13th : Do u know how the belief came ?

Even though Friday is considered auspicious in many cultures around the world specially the Muslims & the Hindus,  the western world considers Friday to be exceeding unlucky and supersticious..Do u know why..?

Probably because Friday is considered to be the day Eve gave Adam the apple,both were expelled from Heaven and both died..Even Christ was crucified on a Friday..In olden days Friday was ‘Hanging Day’ in Britain and so on from witches to  folklore, friday has alyaws been the ‘Evil Day’ since medieval times..(till Monday arrived, as everyone these days, hates going to work on Mondays)..

And 13 is unfortunately an unlucky number for the whole world (almost).. 13 is so feared that the fear of 13 is known as ‘Triskaidekaphobia‘..In many countries, buildings skip the 13th floor, there is 14th floor directly after the 12th..In some countries there is no Platform No 13 in the rail stations..And so on..The origin seems to have come from ancient times where 13 is considered unlucky in the Hindu mythology..The tales of unluck were further supported by the ancient Vikings who had 13 assigned to ‘Loki‘ the God of Mischief..This God is said to be responsible for death, sickness & winter…Even the ancient Romans believed that 13 was the symbol of death and destruction.Travellers travelled and ideas mixed, giving it the present ‘unlucky’ form..

Alright digest this

√  There are thirteen steps leading to the gallows.

√  There are thirteen knots in a hangman’s noose.

√  There were thirteen people at the last supper.

√  Apollo 13 was aborted after Explosion in the oil tank in 1970

√  The driver of Princess Diana’s vehicle hit pillar No .13

√  12 months, 1 Dozen = 12 why not 13 ?

√  In France, a ‘quatrorzieme‘ is a professional 14th guest hired by people who had only thirteen guests for dinner..
So along with popular cinema logic, what can be more unlucky than Friday the 13th ??

I believe in the 70s, Friday the 13th was considered more horrific than a Zombie Apocalypse and in the 40s-50s, surviving the War was the biggest concern of all….

Now would u believe it, pre-Christianity West, considered Friday to be actually lucky and i think 13 is still lucky in the Chinese culture…


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