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Happiness of being photographed for the 1st time in someone’s life….I personally hate glum faced modelish pozes which many photographers swear by…There is nothing that matches a candid shot of sudden expressions, but if u cant bring out something candid, atleast u can make the model/subject wear a smile…Really does looking constipated make u look more glamorous? After 1hr session of makeup and photoshop, anyone can hide your flaws, why not remember smiles hide more wrinkles than photoshop..But i guess a trend once made cannot be changed all of a sudden, but atleast we can try to look up in the write direction…Please reblog if u agree with my views..Thanks…





One response

  1. I SO agree with you here. Here is a link to one of MY own very favorite photos.

    March 7, 2013 at 3:33 pm

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