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SEO in the real world

Even though its totally off topic but i feel compelled to share this thought which i was having for the past few days..Also since the internet is almost blacked out with the anti-censorship protest, i thought it would be almost the best time when i could divert the attention of my photocentric blog to something else..Not to mention boost my own SEO haha..

So back to the topic, I am not specifically talking here about the Internet SEO, I am talking more about Search Engine Optimization in general.Lets for example start with our basic ‘search engine’ our eyes linked to our brains.. Its no more the 20th century when commercialization was still the chew-cud..Grass was limited and people churned what little they had to eat..Its now an open market of more and more grass..U dont need to chew the cud any more, u can just eat newer and newer grass and never get bored of it, i u get what i mean. So how do u still get noticed ? that is the real question the SEO in the 21st century world market..

I feel the best and most easy answer to the same would be to be somewhere none has been and then advertise what noone else has seen before..How u do it is the point.U can do that by simply hanging out with the opposites… yes thats the major key.. Be unique in a common way ie be with people who are opposites… It might sound lame but suppose u want people to think u’r tall, just hang around with short people..If u are fat, hang around with even fatter people..If u are ugly, hang around with uglier people..Thats what it is about..Human mindset works on a comparative scale..Oh look Kate Middleton’s bridal trousseau looked better (or worse) than Diana Frances’ ..Look Jim Carrey is funnier than Robin Williams..Persian Cats look better than Sphynx..and so on..The point is we tend to compare hey look the camera is better, the car is better etc etc, its the human psychology, we help ourselves in a subconsicous way to understand whether we like something we see or not by comparing it with something we know or see around..So the point is if u want to ease the competition for yourself , participate only where there are only 2 competitors… Thats what its like with everyone who’s made it big..They came when none was there and they made people take notice…Tomorrow better people might come, but generally the old ones never fag out…Its like u know Brand X from your neighbourhood shop, someday u visit a super market, chances are even when there are 1000s of other brands u tend to choose only the ones u are preset with…Human psychology doesnt allow u to come out of the square your mind is set in..

Even in the invention/product market its the same race… Either u come up with something new or u modify something already there for the better (not if u hang out in a group of  people having avg 160cms height, if u’r 165, people will notice u..The difference yes.) Join as CEO in a 2 person firm..U are still the CEO and share the profits & risks.. Doesnt matter if u are not able to make both ends meet, u can still tell people when u need I am the CEO of XYZ Firm.. Life’s like that, unless people stalk u they dont care how deep things are .. If u tell u’r CEO of XYZ firm to the GM of a bigtime company earning a 6 figure salary, trust me the GM is sure to think atleast once in is head Bitch i dunno what he has that i dont have..

If there is God then there are indeed God gifted people, but u dont need to be God gifted to make it big anywhere whether mack on a chick or become rich or famous, just be the difference… and yes dont forget to advertize (just like Internet Linking)..U dont advertise, u reach nowhere..Doesnt matter if u’r good or the best, if people dont come to know of u then boom someone else steals the limelight…

So thats how u optimize your life for the

By Marcus Sam


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