Photography: Nature,Architecture,Wildlife,Photojournalism

Orange Dusk

A pretty old picture clicked by me…It wasnt even as dark as it appears. But when u set the aperture at around f/22, many magical wonders happen..

This brings us to the question ‘What is Real ?’.. Everything we see is regulated by our sensory ability to perceive & process available light..What about a colorblind person? Does what he see is real? or is what we see real? Maybe we will never be able to answer..Its like saying  ‘Oh Look that planet doesnt have Oxygen so there will be no life in it’ .. Its solely judged by our understanding that life happens only in presence of oxygen… What if there are organisms in other planets that live on methane ? and oxygen is poisonous for them? I guess we can never answer…

At this point i rightly remember a great saying by Aesop – One cannot look beyond his nose..

Please check out another picture which uses f/22.. Its used as a wall hanging by a local Church Father..


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